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The Controversial Role of Technology In Our Lives

“In the old days, writers used to sit in front of a typewriter and stare out of the window. Nowadays, because of the marvels of convergent technology, the thing you type on and the window you stare out of are now the same thing.” — Douglas Adams

There is very little time in the day that we’re not somehow connected to a device.

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A Guide to Keeping in Touch with Your Kids and Grandkids Long Distance

“Love is the shortest distance between hearts.”

It’s becoming more and more common for younger generations to get up and move for work, school, and volunteering.

Between busy schedules and different time zones, it can be difficult to keep in touch with family that is always on the move. Fortunately, we live in a time that technology makes it easier than ever to stay in contact! Although nothing beats face to face communication, there are plenty of fun and easy apps and resources for keeping family close even when they are physically thousands of miles away.

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TeddyCan Electronics

TeddyCan is currently offering cash-back rebates to some big time electronic hubs! We are always offering deals that are advantageous for all of our users. We want to bring deals to our visitors that are both practical and logical, and in the long-run, keep coming back for more!

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