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How Accepting Failure Turns You into a Success

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”
Steve Maraboli

The most satisfied people don’t necessarily lead better lives than anyone else.

In fact, most of them are remarkably ordinary people with very modest lifestyles. Happy people aren’t always rich, they don’t have perfect relationships and friendships, or even perfect health. They all have their own unique shortcomings, their own family issues, and the same amount of problems that anyone else does. However, satisfied people do all seem to have one thing in common:

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Baby Boomers: A Generation of Caretakers

“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.”

-Carson McCullers 

The baby boomer generation has been put in an exceptionally unique position.

Most of the baby boomers still have dependent children,  and many of them also have the responsibility of being the primary caretaker for their aging parents. This position comes with some very tough decisions, such as: when is it time to consider assisted living? How does one budget new insurance and medical care expenses? How can I be there for my family members in need without completely sacrificing my own goals?

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