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TeddyCanHeal for Business Owners

TeddyCanHeal is an online health service dedicated to helping people get better and stay healthy, especially those who are suffering from a chronic illness. We connect users with the information, answers, and guidance they need to better understand their illness and the options available to them. We also offer great discounts on a variety of medical tests and imaging, including blood tests, x-rays, and MRIs. Our services are available to individuals as well as being offered to employers who are looking for an affordable healthcare solution for their employees.

Why should you choose TeddyCanHeal for your business?


  • Employees get Quick, Easy Access to Treatment Information: TeddyCanHeal’s specialized software helps users discover treatment options for a wide variety of diseases. The options are presented in an easy-to-read list where they are ranked in terms of effectiveness, and with the help of TeddyCan’s search engine, more information about them is just a click away. In addition to traditional treatments, these lists include natural and holistic remedies that users might not have been aware of. This information is available online 24/7, allowing users to access it regardless of their schedule or location.


  • Reduces Health Care Expenses: While they are not a replacement for a doctor, our online services can help employees get much-needed guidance and answers to medical questions without having to make an appointment. This in turn means that health insurance does not need to be utilized as often, which leads to fewer increases in premiums and lower health care expenses overall.


  • Integrates Easily into Existing Healthcare Portals: Our services can be easily integrated into an existing healthcare portal, making it easy to add TeddyCanHeal to your healthcare plan. If you do not already have a healthcare portal in place, our experts would be happy to set one up for you.


  • Only Pay for What You Use: TeddyCanHeal strives to offer affordable, accessible healthcare solutions that help our users save money and lead better, healthier lives. With services from TCH, you’ll only be charged for what you actually need. Payment is calculated based solely on usage, and there are no hidden costs or monthly fees. And if you ever have any questions, our search and data specialists are there to help.


If you think that TeddyCanHeal is right for your business, or if you have any questions or concerns, visit or call the company’s founder, Subhankar Ray, at (617) 395-8864.


The Deal on Health Supplements: Necessary, Optional, or Useless?

“A healthy body is a platform for flourishing a healthy mind.” Pawan Mishra

If you walk down the health aisle at any drug store, you’ll be amazed at just how many vitamins and supplements there are out there.

Ten years ago, simply taking a vitamin C supplement in the morning would make you feel a step ahead of the health game. In recent history, the market for vitamin supplements has gone through the roof. There seems to be a capsule for any condition out there (even ones you didn’t know you could have!)

Really, there are supplements available that are marked as  “curve-enhancement,” “sharp mind“, and “placenta pills.” Who would have known?

So, in the midst of this colorful and extensive health market, what vitamins do we actually need to be taking?

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Teddy’s Deals, Deals, Deals!!!


The Meatless Monday Phenomenon-teddy3

Here at TeddyCan we take pride in our various promotional rebates and offers, because after all, we are a research engine that shares profits. We provide our users with cash back rebates to some of the most prominent and distinct brands within the market. Not only do we provide useful and effective cash back rewards, but we provide practical ones as well. Be sure to visit TeddyCanShop and discover just exactly what we are offering our visitors!

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Planning a Romantic Getaway? Try This Website First!

A Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful option for people who want a personalized, peaceful vacation! Finding the right place can be a bit more difficult than booking a hotel, but our partner Bed and Breakfast makes finding what you are looking for incredibly easy!

download (1)

The website is extremely efficient and easy to navigate. It helps you find the right accommodation for you, and provides you with a detailed background, customer reviews, and prices based on your trip dates. Even better, Bed and Breakfast ensures that you are getting the best price!

You should enjoy the process of planning something special, and we are happy to help you along the way.




The Vitamin Guru: 5 Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a bigger role in our health than we give it credit for. This vitamin is essential in our digestion process, it serves as a powerful antioxidant, and it is directly related to our cardiovascular health. If you are tired of forcing yourself to drink a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth, you might be interested in these alternative foods that will also meet your vitamin C quota: Continue reading The Vitamin Guru: 5 Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C


Natural Remedies Series: 4 Antidotes for Arthritis You Can Use at Home

Rheumatoid arthritis can make doing even the smallest tasks around the house unbearable. The good news is that you have natural remedies for your joint pain sitting in your own kitchen! The bad news is that… you still have to do your housework. If you have a few days before you can see your doctor, or experience short periods of soreness, check out these natural remedies: Continue reading Natural Remedies Series: 4 Antidotes for Arthritis You Can Use at Home


Cash Back Rewards That Save You Money and Stress!

The inevitable stress of that April 1st tax deadline is upon us. There’s just absolutely no way getting around it; it’s happening whether we like it or not. Let TeddyCan put your mind at ease this tax season with this opportunity for Free Tax Returns through No need to procrastinate, allow TeddyCan to make your life just a tad bit easier, and take advantage of our practical discounts!

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TeddyCan Partner: QualityHealth

Nowadays, being fit and healthy is a huge priority in most people’s lives. It seems like there’s a million, constantly changing “dos” and “don’ts” of a healthy diet, which makes it hard to stay motivated and on-track.

Thankfully, TeddyCan provides quality resources I can use for the guidance on all my health questions. QualityHealth, a proud partner of TeddyCan, is a health information website that offers articles, videos, and recipes on health and wellness. Continue reading TeddyCan Partner: QualityHealth


Abe’s of Maine: TeddyCan’s Choice for Cameras and Electronics

AbesOfMineTeddyCan is a proud partner of Abe’s of Maine. Abe’s of Maine has been in business since 1979. What started as a Mom and Pop store in Old Orchard Beach, Maine has now become a huge success reaching customers all over the country! Not only do they offer cameras but they’ve also added on more and more items to feature many electronics and appliances.

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Top 5 Places to Save on Flowers This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, don’t forget to show you care by ordering flowers for your loved ones! By shopping on TeddyCan, you can shop for what you need to make this holiday special, while earning cash-back rebates that save you money at the same time. Here are the current top 5 places on TeddyCan where you can save on flowers this Valentines Day:


  1. (cash-back rebates up to 19%)


  1. (cash-back rebates up to 18%)


  1. (cash-back rebates up to 17%)


  1. (cash-back rebates up to 14%)


  1. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM (cash-back rebates up to 9%)


Here’s to making this year your best Valentine’s Day yet!


TeddyCan Partner: Love With Food

“Snack Smart. Do Good.”

This is the philosophy behind one of the exciting partners of TeddyCan: Love With Food.

Love With Food originated from the founder and CEO Aihui Ong’s experiences of pain and loss, but most importantly, from her experiences of love and friendship. Demonstrating love through food was Ong’s inspiration for her to combine her two greatest passions, food and technology, to create a website to help food makers of quality food connect more effectively with consumers.

From traveling the world, Ong witnessed poverty and people struggling to have clean water or food—images that stayed with her even after her travels ended. Reflecting on this, Ong realized she could use her website as a platform to help more than 16 million underprivileged children in America. Thus, Love With Food was born.

TeddyCan Partner Love With Food


Love With Food provides:

  • Organic or all-natural snacks conveniently delivered to your door each month!
  • Snacks with no artificial flavoring or coloring, transfats, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corny syrup
  • Gluten free, vegan, and paleo options!
  • Boxes are different each month with snacks based on seasonal themes
  • Memberships as low as $7.99/month with member discounts
  • Free shipping

Why you should feel good about using Love With Food:

  • For every box sold, a meal is donated to food banks across America, like the Feeding American Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry
  • So far, over one million meals have been donated to food banks! (In celebration of hitting one million meals, there’s currently a promo code for $5 off any box!)


Love With Food provides a unique experience of giving for the consumer by donating a meal to food banks around America for every box of unique, delicious snacks they sell.

TeddyCan is proud to be partners with this amazing organization!