TeddyCanHeal for Business Owners

TeddyCanHeal is an online health service dedicated to helping people get better and stay healthy, especially those who are suffering from a chronic illness. We connect users with the information, answers, and guidance they need to better understand their illness and the options available to them. We also offer great discounts on a variety of medical tests and imaging, including blood tests, x-rays, and MRIs. Our services are available to individuals as well as being offered to employers who are looking for an affordable healthcare solution for their employees.

Why should you choose TeddyCanHeal for your business?


  • Employees get Quick, Easy Access to Treatment Information: TeddyCanHeal’s specialized software helps users discover treatment options for a wide variety of diseases. The options are presented in an easy-to-read list where they are ranked in terms of effectiveness, and with the help of TeddyCan’s search engine, more information about them is just a click away. In addition to traditional treatments, these lists include natural and holistic remedies that users might not have been aware of. This information is available online 24/7, allowing users to access it regardless of their schedule or location.


  • Reduces Health Care Expenses: While they are not a replacement for a doctor, our online services can help employees get much-needed guidance and answers to medical questions without having to make an appointment. This in turn means that health insurance does not need to be utilized as often, which leads to fewer increases in premiums and lower health care expenses overall.


  • Integrates Easily into Existing Healthcare Portals: Our services can be easily integrated into an existing healthcare portal, making it easy to add TeddyCanHeal to your healthcare plan. If you do not already have a healthcare portal in place, our experts would be happy to set one up for you.


  • Only Pay for What You Use: TeddyCanHeal strives to offer affordable, accessible healthcare solutions that help our users save money and lead better, healthier lives. With services from TCH, you’ll only be charged for what you actually need. Payment is calculated based solely on usage, and there are no hidden costs or monthly fees. And if you ever have any questions, our search and data specialists are there to help.


If you think that TeddyCanHeal is right for your business, or if you have any questions or concerns, visit www.TeddyCanHeal.com or call the company’s founder, Subhankar Ray, at (617) 395-8864.