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Why Healthcare Is Becoming Problematically Expensive & What We Can Do About It

Healthcare is becoming an increasingly controversial topic in the US.

With rates that are only getting more expensive, the consequences of ObamaCare, and hefty premium rates- there is an urgent need for reform in the US healthcare sector. Middle-class workers, students, and self-employed individuals are choosing to forgo traditional insurance and “wing it,” resulting in a steep decline in their overall personal wellness. Not only are people having difficulty in finding affordable solutions for their illnesses, they are also missing a key step in the security of their health: prevention.

So, what are our limitations and how do we solve them to make way for a stronger and healthier country?

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Why is American health care so expensive, anyway?

Although our nation likes to pride itself on its innovative and groundbreaking medical discoveries, it does not seem to match the quality of health care delivered to its citizens. Home to the best hospitals, research facilities, and doctors in the world- the best medical care is here…but only available to those who can dish out the money.

Unlike Europe, (although it is rapidly changing overseas) the US contains a great disparity between the rich and the poor. So while the best of the country, in fact, do have the best, the common individual has a greater lack of resources and support than in other countries with a more level playing field.

There are many factors that play a role in this complex dynamic.


The inception of ObamaCare has demanded lots of unhappy attention regarding the quality and accessibility of American health care. Although it seems impossible to create a universal system that suits the needs of everyone, a vast majority of Americans remain concerned about the disparity of health care access and increasingly high rates.

The biggest complaints about this system have been the lack of care for young adults and university graduates- it is too expensive for many of them to enroll, thus the system not working to its full potential. The other biggest downfall for ObamaCare has been the unreasonably high premiums, which has a deeply negative impact across the board.


How do we cope without losing our money or our health?

Although there is no replacement for health insurance, luckily there are medical and financial resources to keep us afloat until a better system is created. The biggest concern stands in how we can maintain our health and prevent chronic illness even during this lack of adequate care.

Luckily, a service named TeddyCanHeal  is doing the important job of providing access to wellness testing, lab services, discounted RX, and doctor consultations. No one should be denied the tools to maintain their health or have access to important medical information just because of finances.

Together, we can take steps in the right direction for future generations.

By being committed to building a world with reliable and accessible medical services, we will create a healthier future for those that follow us. There is no excuse for needless suffering when we have the information that can defeat it. The best thing we can do is to keep looking forward and seeking new solutions to old problems.