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The Importance of Service & How it Can Reshape the World

“This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.” –Swami Vivekeanada

Charity is vital to the progress of humanity.

There is no act too small that can reshape someone’s life. The act of giving can entail many types of actions, whether it be donating money to a good cause, volunteering at a fundraiser, or even the simple act of spreading kindness on a daily basis. We think of charity as giving to others, but the amazing thing about this action is that in fact, it gives to both parties. By devoting part of your consciousness to the betterment of someone else’s life, you are also a building block in shaping a more wholesome and altruistic world.

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There are a number of ways you can contribute…

1) Pay attention.

One of the key factors to stimulating positive change is being aware to the problems around us. All too often, serious and debilitating problems are overlooked as the people experiencing them are too ashamed to express or have no way of doing so. By practicing awareness, we are extending our careful consideration to problems we might not otherwise see. How could it ever get better if we weren’t even aware it existed?

2) Be creative about problem-solving.

Charity can be as simple as donating $20 a month to a relief fund. While this is profoundly helpful, there is also a critical need for open-minded and innovative problem solvers. There is always a way to make something more useful or efficient, there just needs to be a special mind to find it. There is an endless amount of opportunity for progress if the right people were focused on solving problems.

3) Think of philanthropy is a lifestyle.

Instead of thinking of your good-doing as a spiritual resume fluffer, adopt it as a lifestyle. Be conscious throughout your day of how you could be helping others. Pay attention to the benefits and consequences of all of your personal choices, and watch how much your path effects the world around you. This does not mean to become entirely selfless, but rather donating good energy into the world around you. When others are inspired by this, it is impossible for them not to chime in. Good morale is contagious.

4) Let your strengths shine.

There is not only one path for changing the world. The beautiful aspect of diversity is that we all carry unique assets and insights that are extremely valuable for improving the world. If you cannot afford to make considerable contributions to certain causes, that does not mean you should render yourself useless. Instead, think about how your intellectual and creative qualities could support an organization or person in need.  You have something amazing to offer the world, it just might look different than the person standing next to you.

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Have a wonderful week and let your spirit shine!