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Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Good Eye Health

The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

The eyes are windows to the soul, so it essential to take good care of them.

Like most preventative care, ensuring your eyes stay in shape as long as possible is a multistep process. This involves managing a well-balanced diet, UV protection, as well as avoiding certain external strains. The cautionary thing about eye health is that it tends to become worse rather than better over time.

The following steps will ensure that you are maximizing the quality of your eyesight for as long as possible:

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1. Eat the right foods

The quality of our eyesight depends heavily on our consumption levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc. An eye-friendly diet  contains plenty of vegetables such as spinach and kale, as well as salmon, tuna, citrus fruits, oysters, and protein-packed food like eggs and nuts. Check out this post to learn about 26 foods packed with Vitamin A to help support healthy eyes.

An article written by Jackie Newgent on Eating for Eye Health featured a quote from Maye Musk saying, “The deep-colored fruits and vegetables are typically good sources of beta-carotene and many, many carotenoids.” Beta-carotene, an antioxidant derived from vitamin A, has also been proven to be very important in maintaining top notch eyesight. So let this be your weekly reminder to indulge in those delicious veggies!

It is also important for one to avoid the overconsumption of sugars, fats, and processed foods as type 2 diabetes has the potential to cause blindness.


2. Quit smoking to avoid cataracts and nerve damage

Although it doesn’t need to be said how horrific smoking cigarettes is for your health, let us say it again. Smoking drastically increases one’s chances of developing eye-related disease and damage. So, you haven’t kicked the habit yet, seek new strategies to be done for good to ensure a life of better health.

3. Be wary of sun damage

It doesn’t matter how stylish your sunglasses are. If you don’t invest in the right protection, you are still exposing your eyes to harmful ultraviolet rays. Long-term exposure to the sun can result in muscular degeneration, eyelid cancers, and other benign growths.

Invest in some shades. You’ll look cooler, and your eyes will thank you.

4. Get your eyes screened regularly

Even if you don’t require glasses or contacts, it is still wise to have eye checkups routinely. An eye exam will detect any abnormalities that could indicate more serious problems down the road. If you are currently not on health insurance or unable to afford routine checkups, check out TeddyCanHeal– a service that could greatly beneficial for your short and long term health.

5. Limit your screen time

Save your precious eyes and put your phone down time to time. Cut down on the hours you spend on your laptop every week. Take a hike, eat some oranges, and don’t forget the shades. Excessive eye strain is both painful and damaging to your eyesight. Remember, it’s okay to take a break every now and then. After all, you deserve it.

TeddyCanHeal offers a very helpful service for those who cannot afford traditional health insurance, as well as a supplement for those that can.

Membership offers a couple different options depending on one’s needs but includes unlimited doctor consultations, lab testing, comprehensive wellness testing, as well as discounted RX. Money should never stop you from being healthy. By practicing the habits above and investing in a health program that works for you, you are optimizing the length and quality of your life. It’s all too easy to take our health for granted, but by taking good care of ourselves we can empower our lives and enable ourselves to accomplish everything on our bucket lists.