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Our Unsung Heroes: 7 Reasons We Love Our Dads

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’re thinking of all the reasons we appreciate our dads.

Amidst all of the outward celebration for all the mothers of the world, it’s easy to understate the love and admiration we have for our dads. The truth is, our dads play just a significant role as our mothers do, albeit a sometimes quieter one.

Here are some reasons we should all show our fathers some extra gratitude:

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1. They are always eager to help us fix something, even if they end up breaking it more.

Sometimes, they know what they’re doing. Sometimes, not so much. No matter what the project is, dads have a way of becoming instant experts- and are very quick to put their two cents in. Even if they end up completely demolishing our new Ikea furniture set, you gotta give them a pat on the back for trying.

2. They have a …unique sense of fashion.

You can spot a dad from a mile away. Really, if there was an annual dad convention, the dress code would include Hawaiian shirts, khakis, and some version of a leather sandal. Bonus points for anyone with a cell phone holster. No matter the occasion, most dads look like they are ready to get on a flight to the Bahamas. And after all that hard work, who could blame them?

3. No matter how many times they get lost, they’re convinced they are the only ones with a reasonable sense of direction.

There is a certain level of patience that must be mastered to travel with a dad for an extended period of time. The rationale being, for some mysterious reason, dads think they are equipped with some innate GPS that is somehow superior to any map, sign, or guide that has the actual directions printed. And once a dad is flustered from passing the same exit four times, don’t even think about pointing out the correct route without facing some degree of verbal retaliation.

4. Their jokes.

Need I say more? There must be some secret comedic training a man goes through before becoming a father. What would life be without their puns, knock-knock jokes, and cringe-worthy monologues?

5. Their amazingly underrated advice giving skills.

There is something honest and powerful about advice from your dad. Dads seem to have an uncanny ability at knowing just when to dish out tough love or times requiring more gentle guidance. All the talks I’ve ever had with my dad have left me feeling stronger, braver, but still kind.

6. Their superior economic prowess.

If one thing all dads have in common, it’s their hawk-like attention to anything that could potentially waste money. You think your dad isn’t paying attention? Simply turn up the thermostat by half a degree and he’ll be flying in the room faster than you can say “cargo pants.”

7. Their unconditional love.

No matter how many times you leave the hallway lights on, forget to unload the dishwasher, or record over their baseball game, a dad’s love cannot be compromised. Even tend to go from goofy to stern in frighteningly record time, you know underneath they will forever be their tenderhearted, silly selves.

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