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5 Philosophical (But Entertaining) Films You Must Watch

There is a fine line between a movie that is frustratingly cryptic or delightfully puzzling

I must admit that most action movies, even ones with A-list actors and excitingly novel special effects, lose my interest rather quickly. For a movie to hold my attention, it has to dig under the surface of what the story initially shows. This doesn’t mean that it has to be particularly complicated or require extremely close attention to detail- but rather artistically showcase a bigger “meaning” than the one presented. For me to consider a movie good, I gotta work for it.

The following are a list of films that I found charmingly mysterious, captivating, and thought-provoking.

The universe

1. Mr. Nobody

I really appreciate the vibrancy of this futuristic and philosophical film. This movie is extremely nonlinear and jumps between different universes, points in time, and futures. The premise of the movie is about the last mortal human on earth, Nemo, and a reflection of all of the different paths he could have taken in his lifetime.

You should watch this movie if… you are fascinated by the concept of fate, like British accents, or are a little unsure if you married the right person.

2. The Science of Sleep

This dreamy film is wonderfully unique and captivating. The story follows the life of Stephane, a well-meaning, hyper-imaginative young man who has trouble sorting his dreams from reality. The movie is certainly abstract at times but is kept simple enough that the weight behind the story is never lost.

You should watch this movie if… you are intrigued by lucid dreaming, like French accents, or ever fallen a little bit in love with a neighbor.

3. The Future

This film by Miranda July is perhaps the most quirky of the list but is one of my favorites. This story follows a strange couple who are caught in a midlife crisis during the process of adopting a cat.

You should watch this movie if… you like talking cats, a tendency of dancing when no one else is home, or experiencing a midlife crisis.

4. Comet

This recent film is another nonlinear yet remarkably honest story about love. This movie follows the progression of a six-year relationship between two relentlessly headstrong people. The film soundtrack is heartbreakingly beautiful, the dialogue is ambitious, and the characters are refreshingly authentic.

You should watch this movie if…you like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, have a Netflix account, or still are uncomfortable doubtful about “the one that got away.”


5. Never Let Me Go

This novel-based film appears ordinary on the surface, but in reality is nothing but. This story is about the lives of mysterious boarding school children who are, without giving it away, irrevocably different from the world around them. I have never seen a movie like this one.

You should watch this movie if…you have read the book, dream of the English countryside, or appreciate dystopian fiction.

A mind is a terrible thing to go to waste, which is why these films are so important! Expanding your perspective can be as easy as simply watching an inspiring film.

What movies do you think should be on this list?