Getting older doesn't have to be a drag.

The Unexpected Perks of Getting a Little Bit Older

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.  ― Agatha Christie

Growing older feels a little bit like running a marathon.

Only upon crossing the finish line, everyone is kinda half asleep and half-heartedly discussing an NPR article you know was published at least over a month ago. When you’re younger, it seems as if everyone is cheering you on for even the smallest things- as if getting an oil change for your car (that you definitely don’t pay the insurance for) is the mark of a Responsible and Promising Young Adult. However, there are some fabulous perks to being on the other side of the hill, so to speak.

  • You no longer have to answer the question “so what do you want to do when you grow older?”

    I dunno, whatever I want? Rearrange my living room for the fourth time this month just because I can?

  • People are more forgiving of forgetfulness.

    What looked like disorganization and poor time management in your youth is now a delicate matter of hey… you think she’s starting to lose her marbles? (But you know the truth: I definitely forgot while I was rearranging the living room). 

  • You’re no longer jealous of your peers.

    When you’re younger, it feels like every milestone someone else reaches marks just how far behind you are. However, you reach a certain point where the tables turn….Divorce? Yikes Becky, yikes. (Called it!)

  • Most of the time, people accept what you say without questioning it.

    No matter how intelligent or articulate you are as a younger person, people are constantly challenging the credibility of what you say.  As you get older, people give more authority to your opinion- for better or for worse.

  • You no longer have to come up with creative excuses to get out of plans.

    If you’re introvert in your 20’s, you have to be an incredibly good liar to get out of events without making your friends angry. Only so many uncles can “die” before someone catches on to the fact that you really just don’t want to go out to the bars with them. When you’re older, people stop asking. (And people keep dying).

  • You kinda love yourself.

    After years and years of crippling insecurity and social pressure in your younger years, you have gained the magical ability of not caring what other people think! (For the most part). Later in life, you can be proud of just how far you have taken yourself and all of the challenges you have navigated around. Turns out, you have always been the beautiful, hilarious person you wanted to be in your youth.

  • Beach body? Unless that’s the latest Ben & Jerry’s flavor, count me out.

    At some point, you stop listening to all of the fad diets and tricks for the “perfect beach body,” or how to be “swimsuit ready.” Uh, you put on some SPF and a bathing suit. Then you go find a beach. Viola!

  • You don’t worry about the future (as much).

    You no longer feel consumed by the fear you’ll never find the “one,” get married, and have kids. He found you, and he’s alright for the most part. The kids too, but they are a little on the expensive side.

  • You are your own boss.

    Somewhere along the line, you realized that no one really ever figures it out. As terrifying as that prospect sounds, you figure you might as well do what you want to do in this short life. The attractiveness of other people’s opinions seems to decrease over the years.

  • You no longer let fear stop you from your goals.

    Once you figure out that pretty much everything goes wrong, it counter-intuitively makes you less afraid to take risks. If you’re going to fail anyways, you might as well fail at something you really like doing.

Growing old is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated. There are advantages and disadvantages to each stage in life, and it’s up to you to captilize on the opportunities presented. Also, it’s kind of hilarious to do whatever you feel like and not care about what other people think…within reason.

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