French beauty is rooted in pain-free, natural luxuries.

A Boomer-Friendly Approach on French Beauty and Aging Gorgeously

“Beauty is not something you turn to in a panic when a wrinkle or pimples appear, but that it’s far more important to see it as a ritual, figuring out what routine works best and carrying that with us through our lives.”  Mathilde Thomas

It’s no secret that french women are universally revered for their ability to flawlessly showcase their natural beauty.

Although it might seem like genetic luck, it really has more to do with their culture’s organic and gentle approach to beauty and skincare. French women radiate confidence, simplicity, and grace- something that is cultivated through their self-loving beauty regime.

One of the key characteristics of the french beauty approach is that it is something to make you feel good, not to look perfect or fifteen years younger.

The cosmetics market is loaded with  “miracle” products that are designed to eliminate our wrinkles, beauty marks, or any other noticeable flaws. When these skin care products fail to mask all of our imperfections, we cover up our faces with foundations, powders, and concealers.  Our cosmetic use isn’t something to be ashamed of- but the idea that we have to look completely flawless only results in perpetuating negative self-images (and unrealistic expectations!)

The french philosophy on beauty is rooted in self-love and luxury.

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”  -Audrey HepburnFrench beauty is rooted in pain-free, natural luxuries.

Instead of investing in shelves and shelves worth of expensive cosmetic products, the french keep it refreshingly simple. They utilize natural, every-day products whenever they can (hint: you’ll find most in your kitchen!) and are very selective and purposeful about the products that they do purchase.

Another rule of thumb for the french that contradicts American cosmetic tradition is: beauty does not equal pain. Fair and simple, if a product is harsh, irritating, or painful then it certainly isn’t a good substance to be putting on our skin or hair. The french devote long-term efforts into their beauty regime,  and are highly skeptical of anything promising “instant results.” In this case: patience is a virtue.* 

*This does not apply to their attitude on driving.

Some of the best beauty products are sitting in your kitchen right now.

Olive oil:

This natural oil has incredible cleansing and moisturizing properties. Honestly, there really isn’t a wrong way to use olive oil: it works as a great pre-shampoo, hair mask, facial masks, and even as a shaving cream! People with naturally oily skin and hair are extremely hesitant when it comes to using oils- even natural ones. However, most of the time, oily skin comes from excessive cleansing and stripping away your natural oils.


If you can get past the smell, vinegar can do wonders for your skin. Simply mixing apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water works as a great facial toner (and it will minimize your pores!) Vinegar also works great for removing excessive product buildup on your scalp, and it will make your hair luxuriously shiny. Mais oui!


I said it french beauty wouldn’t be painful- but not gross. Eggs are but another multi-use beauty resource (and a great supplement to any breakfast might I add). For an awesome skin brightening face mask, whip up some egg whites and apply directly to your skin and leave it on for ten minutes. It does an unusually good job at tightening up your pores, and it also has temporary but very noticeable face lifting effects.

Better yet, you don’t have to let the egg go to waste. You can apply the yolks as a hair mask for healthy, shiny and moisturized hair!

Embrace the beauty of aging.

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. “ — Eleanor Roosevelt

French women are not shy about growing older.  Instead of trying to banish the signs of aging on their skin, they simply keep their skin in the most healthy condition possible. Instead of exposing their skin to harsh chemicals and anti-wrinkle products, they stay hydrated, eat healthy, and avoid sun damage to prolong their youthful glow.

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