How Accepting Failure Turns You into a Success

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”
Steve Maraboli

The most satisfied people don’t necessarily lead better lives than anyone else.

In fact, most of them are remarkably ordinary people with very modest lifestyles. Happy people aren’t always rich, they don’t have perfect relationships and friendships, or even perfect health. They all have their own unique shortcomings, their own family issues, and the same amount of problems that anyone else does. However, satisfied people do all seem to have one thing in common:

They don’t let their failures compromise their happiness.

We all have a tough time accepting the unpredictability of life. No matter how careful or prepared we are, difficult things still inevitably happen. None of us are immune to personal losses or defeats. The trick is having the skills and confidence to navigate these obstacles gracefully. This doesn’t mean to be emotionally aloof, but rather accepting that there will always be forces beyond one’s control. This mindset is not limiting, but rather door-opening.

Holding on can be strong. But acceptance is sometimes stronger.

Discipline is an extremely valuable skill to have. The biggest successes in life did not manifest without a history of hard work behind them. Having the determination to commit to one’s goals is very necessary for living an enriching, challenging life. However, this does not mean relentlessly persisting a target will always make it come to fruition. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a project or goal does not pan out the way we expect. The most powerful thing one can do is to embrace the learning experience that comes with it.

Failure later in life can feel like a bigger loss, but it doesn’t have to be.

The baby boomer generation is taking advantage of their retirements in a precedented way.  Being the most affluent generation, many boomers are investing their energy into establishing businesses and entrepreneurial projects. Taking on a business endeavor is an incredible way to cultivate a strong sense of purpose during this milestone. However, this potentiality adds a complex layer of stress for a generation that already has a lot on their plates.  With the acceptance that the unexpected can (and probably will happen) the ambitious boomer is welcoming an enriching opportunity for growth.

There is no way to gaurentee financial or professional success. Establishing the mindset that even failure is a valuable experience, it becomes impossible to lose. Life would be incredibly dull and meaningless if everything worked out smoothly. Character comes from the ability to overcome obstacles, and that rings true for any stage of life!

Teddycan strives to support cultivating the skills for mental, emotional, and physical health development. Education and personal growth doesn’t stop at any point of life, and we are proud to be a resource for baby boomers who passionately agree.