4 Breathtaking Alternative Cruise Trips

With the spectacular sunsets, great entertainment, and fabulous dinning, cruises are one of the best ways to vacation.

While the traditional, tropical Caribbean route is always a popular option, there are lots of other interesting alternative cruise routes for those willing to step out of their comfort zones and experience something a bit different.



1) The Pacific Northwest

It’s no secret that the northern pacific coast is one of the most awe-inspiring, diverse regions in North America. With destinations like Big Sur, the Oregon coast, and British Colombia, it’s hard to say no to such a trip.   Not only is the rugged coastal landscape gorgeous, but there is an abundance of wildlife activity to be observed from the boat. There is something remarkably majestical about the northwest that is hard to pinpoint: so why not see it from a cruise liner?

Cruising the pacific

2) Southeast Asia

If you’re not intimidated by traveling large distances, a cruise touring southeast Asia could be right up your alley. It’s a unique opportunity to experience a number of cultures, history, and geography. Asia offers a number of mystical natural beauties, and a cruise allows you to enjoy many in one trip. Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China? What about the temples in Bangkok, Thailand? If so, this might be the trip for you.

3) The Baltic Sea

If you’re seeking a historically rich and culturally dense cruise, touring the Baltic sea is a great option to consider. With routes ranging from Scandinavia all the way through eastern Europe, you won’t waste a single moment. A cruise is an incredible opportunity to see Europe like never before, all without the hassle of airplanes, busses, and trains.


4) South America

Consider taking a luxurious Seabourn cruise to one of the most lush regions in the world. Not only are the destinations breathtaking, but the cruise accommodations will leave you feeling like royalty. With extensive spa services, as well as first class dining, this is the perfect trip for someone looking to indulge. love-romantic-bath-candlelight-large








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