Creative Thinking

The Effects of Creativity on Your Brain

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

The idea that the left-side brain and right-side brain work against each other is a commonly believed misconception.

We all have dominant strengths: some of us are naturally good at mathematics or talented at art from a young age. We all possess unique combinations of skills and qualities that differ wildly, and cannot be simply contained within “he’s just a math guy,” or “she’s a painter.”

A lot of people are quick to underestimate how important it is to find an outlet for creative thinking. What they don’t realize, is that by taking on an artistic endeavor, they are developing other skills separate from just being able to draw nicely or play an instrument without people immediately wanting to cover their ears.

Creative ThinkingDevoting the time to being creative can actually boost productivity, rational thinking, and organizational skills. Think of it like exercise: you cannot truly target one muscle group or body part, everything strengthens as a unit. By committing yourself to think in new ways, you are stretching and sharpening your mental skills as a whole.

Creativity is not found in a neat and tiny compartment in the brain: it is actually a simultaneous, collective effort from many different areas within the brain. Live science posted an article about brain activity during imaginative processes, and it showed that creativity required visual processing, attention, and executive functions from the brain.

Other skills creativity helps teach us is problem solving, stress management, and how to communicate more effectively. By practising the art of self-expression, we empower ourselves both intellectually and emotionally. In turn, this helps us be better friends, better employees, and better parents.

Creativity plays a large role in developing emotional intelligence. By exploring our artistic impulses, we are learning to pay closer attention to our own thoughts and feelings. By acknowledging intuitions we usually sidestep, we are finding ways to cope with stress, distractions, and anxieties in our daily lives.

The brain requires just as much upkeep as the rest of our body does- and creative development is vital to a healthy, well-functioning brain.

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