The New Adult Night Light That Helps You Get To Sleep

blur-1261019_1920That’s right, you read the title correctly. A night light. For adults. Though vastly different than the conventional
light that plugs into an outlet and offers comforting, guiding light to nervous wanderers of the dark. The new nightlight I’m referring to changes your nighttime experience in a different way.

Allow me to introduce you to the Night Shift mode on your iPhone.

Why did Apple create Night Shift?

This new Night Shift mode for your iPhone is motivated by scientific studies that have found that blue light (the light normally emitted from your phone) can negatively impact your circadian rhythms at night, thus impacting sleep. And we all know how important sleep is.

Research has found that blue lightiphoneinsomnia has a particularly strong impact on our melatonin production, suppressing the release of melatonin, which makes it harder for us to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. More recent studies have noted other potential effects from using blue light at night may include connections to cancer, diabetes, hearth disease, and obesity, though further research is needed to understand the level that blue light contributes to these diseases to draw decisive conclusions.

What Night Shift Does

Apple has moved in the right direction by allowing the public to take their nighttime health into their own hands (quite literally) with this iOS update. Night Shift allows you to turn the light on your phone from blue light to a warmer light that has significantly less impact on your melatonin production. You can set your own times to have Night Shift turn on or off, or your can allow your phone to use your location and clock to automatically shift your view at night and in the morning.

Using Night Shift is by no means a requirement, but certainly an option that is empirically supported to be better  for your sleep at night and potentially your overall health.sweetdreams
Finally, a phone update I can get behind.


What about non-iPhone technology?

For all you android users and those wishing to have warmer lighting on your computers as well, check out this website for tips on how to do that!


P.S. (for iPhoners) – You can find Night Shift on your iPhone (with the most recent update) by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > select Night Shift.

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