The Meatless Monday Phenomenon

Not Another Health Fad…

In the midst of what seems to be endless health food trends, there is one movement that stands out above all others that you should stop to consider. Meatless Monday is an idea that originated in the U.S as a way to aid the war effort in World War I and II. In 2003, health advocate Sid Lerner reintroduced the idea as a campaign for public health The Meatless Monday Phenomenon-cowawareness.

Meatless Monday slogan, “one day a week, cut out meat,” has become a global practice that is simple to follow and has proven health benefits. Intrigued? You should be.

The average American now consumes up to 75 pounds of meat or more than previous generations. This excessive consumption of meat is linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Not only does abstaining from meat for one day a week lower your risk of these
diseases, but also benefits our global environment and the cost of your food.

Benefits of Going Meatless At a Glance

Health benefits of Meatless Monday:

  • Reduction in heart disease and strokeThe Meatless Monday Phenomenon-2
  • Limits cancer risk
  • Fights diabetes
  • Curbs obesity
  • You’ll live longer
  • Improves the nutritional quality of your diet


Savings in the grocery store from Meatless Monday:The Meatless Monday Phenomenon-teddy3

  • Reducing healthcare spending from
    lowered risk of diseases
  • Lower food receipts from cheaper vegetarian options

Environmental benefits of Meatless Monday:

  • Minimizing water usage – vegetables and grains require less water than livestock
  • Reducing greenhouse gasesThe Meatless Monday Phenomenon-grass
  • Reducing fuel dependence

To find out more about Meatless Monday, visit the movement’s website for more information and recipes to inspire your next Meatless Monday. Also see Teddycan’s blog post  for more meatless recipe options.


P.S. – for further inspiration on why you should join the movement, watch the convincing Peggy Neu’s TedxManhattan video and Graham Hill’s TedTalk video.


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