Tips to make your garden gorgeous this spring

Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring

The best time of the year has arrived!

With spring comes plentiful opportunities, new life, and lots and lots of…yard work. After the long winter, it’s very likely your lawn vaguely resembles a scene from Dante’s Peak or Twister. If you are feeling overwhelmed, check out our helpful tricks for getting your garden pretty and primed for planting.

Composting: out with the old, in with the old

Prepare your own garden compost straight from your kitchen! Save all of your food scraps like banana peels, egg shells, and coffee grounds, and combine them with newspaper or other non-organic dry material. Avoid using fish or meat, unless the idea of having a new pet raccoon charms you.

Pick up free plastic planters at Lowe’s

Lowe’s launched an awesome recycling program and are now offering free plant trays and pots available for pickup at most of their gardening centers! You can use these for outdoor use, or even start your seedlings inside!

Make your own fertilizer

A lot of fertilizers are made with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. There are plenty of plants that flourish with homemade fertilizers such as:

For peppers, tomatoes & potatoes: use 1 tablespoon of epsom + 1 gallon of water

For raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes & roses: use 6 cups coffee grounds + 5 gallons water

Keep critters away by sticking forks in the soil

If you can’t keep little furry hands off of your plants, try sticking plastic forks between each row of plants. It might look a little strange, but will definitely help save your plants in the long run.

Getting your lawn and garden looking nice doesn’t have to be mind-gnoming! The work is worth a beautiful landscape to celebrate the warm weather and fresh beginnings.