Healthy Fats That Supplement Your Diet

Healthy Fats That Supplement Your Dietscreen-shot-2016-03-30-at-3-06-34-pm2Healthy Fats That Supplement Your Diet

Fats actually play a significant role in maintaining a healthy diet. Healthy fats, also known as monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, help keep your heart healthy, support mental alertness, and play a vital role in managing your moods!

With that being said, there are bad fats that can be detrimental to your health: such as trans fats, or saturated fats. These fats are found in foods like butter, donuts, cookies, cheese, and heavy cream. Though they are delicious, they should be limited in your diet. However, having a balanced diet with healthy fats will help to curb those cravings.


Avocados are a power food in several different ways: they are full of essential vitamins, potassium, and fiber. They are incredibly nutritious, and a great source of healthy fats. The high potassium content in avocados helps with reducing blood pressure, kidney failure, and risk of stroke. On top of that, consuming avocados helps increase your absorption of other healthy foods, so by tossing it in a salad you can increase your antioxidant consumption by a tenfold!


Nuts are also another excellent source of healthy fats. They are high in protein, making them an excellent in-between meals snack. The Omega-3 fatty acids in nuts contributes greatly to healthy cholesterol levels. Try to stray away from over salted or sweetened nuts- the healthiest option is eating them raw!


This delicious concoction of chickpeas, lemon, and olive oil ranks as one of my favorite snacks. Hummus is packed with protein, and a great way to satisfy any hunger craving. Hummus is also a sufficient source of iron, which is crucial in maintaining stable energy levels. One of the best things about hummus is that it makes everything else more delicious: carrots, bell peppers, and celery are just so much better dipped in hummus.

Dark Chocolate

Okay, you get to have a little bit of fun when eating healthy! Dark chocolate is actually quite nutritious, when you consider its vitamin content (it’s loaded with vitamins A, B & E). The biggest takeaway from dark chocolate is its strangely remarkable antioxidant properties, which help lower high levels of blood pressure, and aids in managing cholesterol.

A good diet should be about balance, not restriction. By embracing healthy fats in your diet, your body gets the nutrients it deserves. Most of our cravings come from something missing in our diet, so these healthy alternatives will get you on the right track! I love using Professional Supplement Center to order all of my vitamins & extra supplements to make sure my diet is complete.




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