Exercising your Brain: 4 Free Apps to Train your Memory

Your brain is like any other muscle in your body- you have to actively use it in order for it to stay strong. There are lots of fun ways to stretch your mental muscles that won’t feel like work and that may help prevent Alzheimer’s.

What if I told you brain boosting games could sharpen your brain and simultaneously work at preventing cognitive illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s?

There are lots of free apps and virtual programs that provide you with challenging games and puzzles, and motivate you by tracking your progress.

Here are some free brain exercising apps that I find the most helpful:


puzzleLuminosity  is one of the best apps for cognitive training out there, and it’s free. It provides a personalized experience with games that challenge you over time. It has a variety of games that aim to improve your attention, memory, and multitasking skills.

Math vs. Brain

If you are looking to keep your math skills sharp, this app is filled with lots of challenging problems that will keep you entertained and speed up your problem solving skills.

CogniFit Brain Fitness 

Similar to Luminosity, this app tracks your progress and increases difficulty over time. This app tracks your cognitive ability through several skill sets, including: processing speed, auditory memory, and attention.


This app helps build a crucial mental skill: emotional health! This wonderful program uses ‘science-based games’ to help train your brain into more positive, motivating thought processes.

If you find yourself liking any of these apps, I strongly recommend NeuroNation.  This website is similar to the programs above, but highly personalized and with much more variety. It’s like the difference between having a gym membership, or hiring a personal trainer. Science has come up with a far better way to stay mentally active.

An active, healthy mind is one of the key components to a happy life!


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