TeddyCan Partner: QualityHealth

Nowadays, being fit and healthy is a huge priority in most people’s lives. It seems like there’s a million, constantly changing “dos” and “don’ts” of a healthy diet, which makes it hard to stay motivated and on-track.

Thankfully, TeddyCan provides quality resources I can use for the guidance on all my health questions. QualityHealth, a proud partner of TeddyCan, is a health information website that offers articles, videos, and recipes on health and wellness.

QualityHealth offers:

  • QualityHealth.comHealth Centers on a variety of topics like heart health, diet and weight loss
  • Featured articles on current issues
  • Free membership
  • Healthy recipes
  • Discounts – in stores and with affiliated partners!
  • Communication with real doctors to answer your health questions!

Quality Health has been able to give me information on all kinds of health questions that I’ve had, like keeping up with diet trends and nutrition information. I especially love their recipes; the lentil soup looks amazing!

TeddyCan is proud to be partners with QualityHealth and we can’t wait to share their deals and discounts with you! Here is our current list of resources.