Honey: Sweet Relief?


With spring around the corner, allergies are the last thing you want to worry about. Both my sisters and my mom suffer from terrible seasonal allergies, so I began to wonder what kind of natural remedies might help them. I had heard of the common belief in using raw honey from a local hive as a home remedy to help relieve allergy symptoms, but I wanted to do some research myself to see if this was true before recommending it to my family.

Looking for some reliable sources to inform me, I searched TeddyCan to find websites that could give me dependable facts. I found that honey does have certain health benefits, like helping a cough by coating and soothing a sore throat, but there has never been any scientific proof that honey helps prevent or lessen allergy symptoms.

Disappointed, I wondered how this rumor about honey had started in the first place. I discovered that while honey may not be an allergy cure, studies have shown that honey can beHoney Sweet Relief used as a cough suppressant and may have anti-inflammatory effects. These benefits are the reason why I was always told to put honey in my tea if I had a sore throat. At least this old home remedy is scientifically proven to work!

Now better informed about honey and seasonal allergies, I still have plenty of reasons to keep honey on my shelf, even if it hasn’t been proven to help with allergies. In addition, I noticed that TeddyCan offered discounted allergy testing that my family could use! By the end of my search, I not only learned about honey, but also found a new way to help my family with their allergies. Now that’s a sweet deal!

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