The Path Less Traveled: Underrated Cities to Visit this Spring

With Spring right around the corner, most of us are taken over by the desire to shake off our winter boots and celebrate the warmer weather with a short trip. With so many destinations within reach, it can be a daunting task to narrow down a choice. During this busy travel period, a lot of popular destinations are crowded with college students and can quickly become loud and chaotic. Here are some beautiful, more secluded destinations for those of you that are looking to travel, but also wish take it easy and keep relaxation a priority.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

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This beautiful low country getaway is among one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited. Bursting with natural charm, this lovely little island features a 12 mile stretch of beach along the Atlantic, but also offers a wealth of activities to do off the sand as well. There is a surprisingly large cultural hub on the island, including incredible performances at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. For those of you that prefer more active vacations, the island has a beautiful bike path system that is easy to navigate and full of nature, whimsical lagoons and local wildlife (and don’t worry, the crocodiles are well fed)!

Lake Tahoe, California


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It’s no secret that California is packed with endless opportunities for exploration: whether it be the desert, the mountains, or the beach. This large freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada is a remarkable spot with an abundance of natural beauty. Lake Tahoe is a opportune spot to take it slow and enjoy the stunning views. If you don’t mind chillier weather, spring is a great in-between time to visit. Explore the second-deepest lake in the US by a guided boat tour, or enjoy the plentiful fine dining options. It will be impossible not to feel refreshed and inspired after spending time in this unique spot.

Sedona, Arizona

Monument Valley c Mike Koopsen
Monument Valley c Mike Koopsen
Photo credit: Mike Koopsen

For those craving adventure, the crimson vortex of Sedona is a great destination for this spring. This colorful, dreamlike landscape is ancient in natural history. The town itself is comfortably quaint with a population of 15,000. If heights don’t intimidate you, consider seeing these gorgeous ruins by hot air balloon or helicopter. Sedona is a special place, and is well known for its spiritual inspiration and healing properties: perfect for a little post-winter rejuvenation!

Provins, France

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Not to be mistaken with Provence, Provins is a wonderfully historical and curious town located in Seine-et-Marne, roughly two hours by train from Paris. Provins is deeply rooted in medieval history, and is home of the majestic Provins Medieval Castle and Caesar’s Tower. Learn about the fascinating history filled with knights, kings, and wars of religion all while enjoying the alluring scenery. The town itself is walkable by foot, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to explore. Provins is also home to a sweet delicacy, rose confit ice-cream! If you’re looking for an international destination this spring, medieval Provins is worth a visit. And if you somehow find yourself getting restless, Paris is only a train ride away!

Choosing a spring destination is difficult indeed, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. There is a world of wonders out there, and so many naturally breathtaking and historically rich places waiting to be discovered. There is no doubt that the beaches this spring are going to be crowded with fun-seeking college breakers, which can make for lots of pandemonium. Luckily, there is a world out there that is full of quieter, beautiful and historical counterparts.

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Wherever you may end up, have safe travels and a happy Spring!



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