How Flowers Help Your Health Blossom

How Flowers Help Your Health Blossom

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” -Lady Bird Johnson

Flowers have been a symbol of love and beauty for as long as humans have been able to convey emotion. Recent research has shown that the positive benefits of flowers reach beyond an aesthetic pleasure, they also have substantial impacts on our mental and physical well-being. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, flowers have been shown to enhance our health in the following ways:

Lower blood pressure. It seems like a stretch, but the increase in a positive mood and decrease in stress from the presence of flowers has shown to have an affect on blood pressure and pulse rates.

Alleviate depression. Studies have shown that the presence of flowers have an immediate boost on one’s emotional state. Flowers inspire feelings of happiness and gratitude: especially if given by a loved one.

Lower pain levels. In an extraordinary study by Dr. Roger Ulrich, it was discovered that patients who were recovering from surgery and had flowers in their rooms took less potent analgesics for their physical pain than their flowerless peers.

The benefit from filling our surroundings with natural beauty is remarkable. Flowers are a gentle reminder of health and love. Our bodies respond to the physical presence of plants and nature with an abundance of positive feedback. With so many products on the market designed to reduce stress and illness, it becomes easy to overlook the natural alternatives that are readily available. Now that darker, colder days are with us this winter, treat yourself to a bouquet of tulips or lilies! Take note of how these colorful beauties warm up a room and give your mood a gentle nudge towards happiness and relaxation.

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